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Geo PRO is the ultimate professional-level real-time 3D modeling and articulation tool for Windows� based Personal Computers. Geo provides a comprehensive suite of modeling, animation and texturing tools for building and editing real-time low-polygon count models and scenes.




Geo desktop with simultaneous tree view




Geo VNS (Visual Nature Studio 2 + Scene Express from 3D Nature LLC) is the ultimate professional terrain visualization, modeling &  rendering package. Import real-world vector and feature data or create geo-typical terrain databases from scratch.

VNS can be purchased separately or along with Geo PRO as part of the Geo DBGS bundle. See products page for details.


Image Copyright � 3D Nature, LLC

Geo Simplify

The Geo Simplify option allows the user to reduce the polygon count of a model with the click of a button and the movement of a slider.

Using Geo Simplify greatly decreases the time and effort required to make real-time versions of high-polygon count models or lower Level Of Detail (LOD) model versions.

This cutting edge user-augmented simplification algorithm is based on multi-resolution mesh technology - allowing for an unlimited number of LODs to be generated from the original high-polygon count model.

See products page for details.


15,000 polygons reduced to 600



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