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Geo Studio is the ultimate professional-level real-time 3D modeling and animation package for Windows-based computers. Geo STUDIO provides a comprehensive suite of modeling, animation and texturing tools for building and editing low poly count models and scenes


Geo always reverts to the FREE EDITION if no valid Product Key is found or entered. The FREE EDITION is still a useful 3D Editor for the hobbiest or casual 3D designer. It can import and export Wavefront's ubiquitous .obj file format which can be read into and exported from just about every 3D design tool on the market. The FREE EDITION uses the same easy to work with Virtual Grid as found in the STUDIO and STUDIO Pro versions along with the snap-to-vertex/edge and surface interaction model found in the payed-for versions. You can create and texture models from scratch or edit existing models in the native .geo  format (albeit without access to some of the more advanced capabilities possibly contained within it) 




Geo STUDIO Pro is a powerful real-time 3D modeling & animation tool ideally suited to the needs of the visual simulation or gaming markets. The vertex-level & hierarchical modeling paradigm mated to the data-driven behavior engine allows you to add intelligent behavior to your models through an intuitive WYSIWYG interface. Geo STUDIO Pro  builds on the foundation of the gaming focused Geo STUDIO platform by adding industry-standard interchange file formats for the Visual Simulation market along with specific enhanced functionality required for this market. Users in this market can use Geo STUDIO Pro as a drop-in replacement for Presagis(tm) Creator(tm) - at a fraction of the cost. Anyone targeting an IG that supports OpenFlight or built by Aechelon(tm) Technologies can use Geo STUDIO PRO out the box. Our Aechelon(tm) support even includes a state machine editor for articulation within that system. In addition we have full support for Designer's Workbench (.dwb) a tool that was used to define the cockpit avionics of the F22 Fighter - Geo's Behavior system is a superset of that provided by DWB. 






Geo STUDIO comes with a powerful behavior system that permits users to hook up to live data sources (i.e. data vars coming from your game or simulation) and drive (animate) scene graph nodes with that data. The Behavior Editor is a visual programming system that allows the designer to massage or modify the incoming data as necessary to achieve the desired end display effect (whether it be geometric or textual). Geo STUDIO (with the aid of a network plugin) can be driven in real time from X-Plane(tm) to fine tune/develop an avionics display or articulated 3D aircraft model. The existing AC3D(tm) format support provides a quick route to X-Plane prior to the introduction of native X-Plane .obj file support. We also provide 32/64 bit versions of the .geo format read/write library making it easy to integrate Geo STUDIO files including all behavior definitions into third-party rendering solutions (like Ogre3D, OpenSceneGraph etc.) 

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