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Headquartered in Sebastopol, CA, Carbon Graphics is an innovative company specializing in applications and products for the Visual Simulation & gaming markets. We provide 3D Commercial Of The Shelf (COTS) product solutions to government, worldwide commercial organizations and individuals whose application areas encompass aerospace, defense, transportation, urban planning, architectural design, and entertainment. Our goal is to provide innovative, powerful and cost-effective products for everyone.


Carbon Graphics was founded in 2001 by Andy Bushnell, a veteran of the Visual Simulation and Gaming markets. Mr. Bushnell is in charge of all application and technology development at the company. Prior to Carbon Graphics, Mr. Bushnell held various development and executive positions in a number of 3D entertainment and Visual Simulation companies. Previous positions and accomplishments include, Sr. Manager, GameTech for Sony Computer Entertainment America, where he managed the GameTech  central technology group for Playstation platforms in the USA, Graphics Team Manager at Intrinsic Graphics - where he led the graphics team through 3 releases of a cutting-edge cross-platform game engine and Technical Director for Acclaim Studios, Salt Lake City. He was Director of Technology at Coryphaeus Software where he helped chart the strategic development and technical direction of the company. Mr. Bushnell was also the original software architect at Coryphaeus and wrote Designer's Workbench", Coryphaeus' real-time 3D modeling and animation package. Mr. Bushnell is a graduate in Computer Studies from the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland. 


Geo has been sold into many fortune 500 companies and Government agencies. Including but not limited to...

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