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This Geo version provides the Full 3D modeling environment minus some of the more advanced tools, capabilities and file format support (See the comparison chart for a complete list of features). The Free Edition is limited to the native Geo and Wavefront OBJ file formats. Wavefront support in particular makes Geo a useful addition to any asset pipeline in any either the Visual Simulation or Gaming markets. Geo always defaults to the Free Edition if no valid Product Key is found (or entered).




Geo STUDIO is the ultimate professional-level 3D modeling and animation tool for windows-based computers. It provides a comprehensive suite of modeling, animation, behavior and texturing tools for building real-time low poly count models and scenes. Geo STUDIO comes with a full-featured data-driven behavior engine and both a C++ plugin SDK and GeoScript - a Lua-based embedded scripting language for extending Geo with additional functionality.Geo STUDIO is an excelent tool for creating 3D object and avionics panel data for Laminar Research's X-Plane(tm) Flight Simulator 


Geo STUDIO Pro builds on the foundation of the gaming focused Geo STUDIO platform by adding industry-standard interchange file formats for the Visual Simulation market along with specific enhanced functionality required for this market (e.g. light point creation/modification tools). Geo STUDIO Pro supports the industry-standard PRESAGIS(tm) OpenFlight(tm) file format along with Coryphaeus' DWB(tm) and other IG vendor formats.







Geo STUDIO comes complete with a data-driven Behavior System to animate geometry and node properties in real-time. Data variables are defined in a simple data text file and used to define the inputs to a sequence of behavior actions on any node in the scene graph. Behaviors are dynamically tested and debugged internally and can be driven in real-time via a simple network packet reader plugin if desired (planned). This would, for example, allow Geo to act as a visual test/definition platform for object and/or avionics animation for X-Plane(tm). The behavior system is not available in the FREE EDITION.


All features in Geo are provided by dynamically loaded Plugins which are written using the Programmer's Plugin SDK. This means that a plugin developer has the same tools at their fingertips as internal Carbon Graphics developers. Want a better scale tool or some unique functionality? Simple, just use the plugin SDK and add your own! On top of this users can use the GeoScript scripting language directly within Geo and gain access to almost 90% of the SDK functionality. In fact, you can write GeoScript "plugins" that show up in the toolbars and can be activated like any other tool. The Plugin SDK or GeoScript is not available in the FREE EDITION.




Geo STUDIO Pro comes with complete OpenFlight(tm), Designers Workbench(tm) and Aechelon(tm) file format support.We support all common flight nodes - including DOFs and even have the option of embedding Geo far more sophisticated behavior information with the flight file as node comments. Vis-Sim File format support (and associated application functionality) is only available in the Geo STUDIO Pro version.


A format read/write library is also provided for the native .geo format. This library can be used outside of Geo STUDIO to read geo files into your application or export as .geo  from your application. The Format ;library is a C++ library and comes in 32bit/64bit as well as debug/release versions.


For those not wishing (or unable) to use the format library the .geo  format is in the public domain and the documentation provides sufficient information for users to write their own format read/writer of their own if so desired.







Geo STUDIO and Geo STUDIO Pro is available with either a node-locked or 'floating' license. There is a price premium for the flexibility afforded by the floating license (see the purchase page for details). Licensing requires an active network connection but Geo can also be manually activated by users that run on a closed network (e.g. military networks).


A timed trial license is available for Geo STUDIO Pro. Trial licenses are available upon request for corporate customers only. Please note that Trial licenses activate all features except file save and export functionality.








Carbon Graphics can be hired to develop your specialized Geo STUDIO plugin. Different contract engineering pricing is reflected by the use-model of the developed Plugin - i.e. Plugins can be developed for customers sole use, sold through Carbon Graphics as an optional extra or 

ultimately added to Geo as bundled functionality.







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