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Introducing Geo STUDIO 2.0

Date: 04/15/2016

We are pleased to announce the introduction and availability of our Geo STUDIO real-time modeling and animation package for the visual simulation and gaming markets. Geo STUDIO has been used for many years by fortune 500 companies, as well as nearly all branches of the US Military as the main content creation tool for multiple simulators and training devices. It's pedigree goes back to DWB (Designer's Workbench, which I also wrote) which was used by the US Air Force to prototype all HMI cockpit interfaces within the F22 raptor. Geo STUDIO fully supports the legacy DWB format but adds significant functionality to assist in the avionics development of the next generation of aircraft. The same data-driven animation system that drives instrumentation can also be used to add behavior to 3D model geometry.

Geo STUDIO is now available to anyone and can be used to create data-driven models and avionics panels for today's high-fidelity flight simulation games (such as X-Plane, from Laminar Research).

We hope you enjoy using Geo STUDIO, as much as we have enjoyed developing it.


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